How To Use Creatine

Posted by Zeus in Facts about Creatine on 17-03-2012

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Instructions on how to use creatine

You cannot just order and start taking creatine. This will create possible health issues for you. There are 3 different phases to taking creatine:

  1. Loading Phase
  2. Maintenance Phase
  3. Wash Out Phase

Here is how to use creatine:

1. Loading Phase

The loading phase is designed to quickly load your body with creatine. This period lasts 5 days. Take no more than .13 grams per pound you weigh. So if your weight is 210 pounds, take no more than 28 grams per day for 5 days. Do not take it all at once, take it in 4 equal amounts through the day. This period is not really necessary. Some people choose to skip this phase and dive right into the second phase which is the maintenance phase. You would be placing less stress on your kidneys if you skipped this phase. The reason people go thru this stage is because the results are a little better if you start with the loading phase!

2. Maintenance Phase

The maintenance phase in most cases starts after the loading phase. It lasts 1 month. During this phase you considerably reduce the amount of creatine you will be taking compared to the amount in the loading phase. During the maintenance phase you should take no more than 0.0136 grams per pound you weight. It is about 10 times less than the dose you took in the loading phase. So if you weigh 250 pounds, during the 30 days of the maintenance phase you will be taking no more than 3.4 grams per day.

3. Wash Out Phase

This the period that you wash out all creatine form your body. You take NO creatine during this period. This period last between to 1-2 months. Again you take no creatine during this period. This is a MANDATORY phase. You have to stop taking creatine for this phase so you will not create any health problems for your self.

You can start with the whole process again, loading phase, maintenance phase and wash out phase as often as you want!

Best Time to take creatine

The best time to take creatine is right after your exercise for better absorption. Just remember that during the loading phase you split the daily dose in 4 equal amounts. It is only during the maintenance phase that you should take it after your exercise in one dose. Many people feel that taking it half hour before exercise is more effective for them. We are not talking about a huge difference here if you take creatine before you exercise or after. Many people split the dose and take half the amount half hour before you exercise and the other half right after exercise. The important thing is that you take it.


Combinations to avoid when taking creatine

Caffeine: This is controversial. Some studies show that it helps to drink coffee with creatine and some show that it does not. Until we get some more conclusive evidence, keep in mind that caffeine is a diuretic. That means that as creatine is pulling water into the muscle, caffeine is pulling it out, so it might not be the best idea to have caffeine with creatine, certainly large amounts.

Alcohol: Alcohol is also a diuretic, so from that perspective you should refrain from having alcohol while taking creatine.


Drink Lots of Water While Taking Creatine

Drinking lots of water is something we should be doing every day. While taking creatine though it takes a special importance because creatine draws water into the muscle cells, so you have to drink extra water to make up for that! Make sure you drink 8 oz of water for every 12-14 pounds of body weight!